Main functions of fully enclosed medical goggles

Main functions of fully enclosed medical goggles

And medical goggles are special glasses that medical goggles block multiple wavelengths of radiation, chemical, practical and lightweight overweight personal injury. Used to prevent vision damage from acidic solutions, alkalis, and other harmful photos and elements. The zoom lens generally adopts an ordinary glass-shaped structure, and the frame can also be made of a non-metal wear-resistant source. The eyepieces are protected from debris, gas and other harmful toxic gases, must be closed with minimal toxicity or discomfort, no ventilation holes around the shield, fit the face, and the subject of the image must be pH-tough.

To prevent vision problems, it may absorb high-risk electromagnetic rays released by TVs, computers, etc., providing detailed protection for your vision, combined with goggles can be a filtering system that can change the range of powerful light.

Reflex motion photos are based on mild weight changes and interruptions. The top of the goggles is equipped with multi-level anti-radiation video protection, which makes the electromagnetic waves generated in the front and rear areas in the video interfere with each other, terminate the radiation, and block and reduce the sun's rays. element.

In addition to stopping microbial bacterial infections, using medical goggles can also help prevent the spread of disease droplets. The main population is health-related people overall and specific workers. The safety factor for everyday use of goggles is far from critical.